Sugarplum the Band plays original heartfelt songs.
We promote positive messages of love, peace, tolerance and joy.  All the original music and lyrics are written by the band members Tom Radcliff, George Richardson and Cindy Silverman.
Call on us to help you celebrate the GOOD times.

Fall projects 

Hey  Sugarplums!

We have been really busy with lots of shows and last minute bookings....working on our CD and original artwork!
We only have a few more gigs for this year...we have been fortunate in playing for some wonderful people at fabulous venues.  We got to play for "Day of Hope" recently and next is our show on Sept 19th..."Playing for Peace Music Festival".  These types of events are what we are all about....HOPE and PEACE....please join us by being the change you envision.

Cheers!   Peace to the soul of the seeker! 

Sugarplum the Song 

Hey all  Sugarplums
We are getting ready for the final mix of the song, SUGARPLUM.  
Hopefully we will be releasing this as a video in the next few weeks!  
Gonna love it!

Thanks Sugarplum fans 

We have had a tremendous amount of support and appreciate everyone who has taken the time to contribute to our ultimate success.....we have received many financial donations as well as emotional encouragement...people sharing our websites.....and LIKING our facebook page....thanks everybody!  We all get to enjoy this journey together!  Peace! 

We are Grateful 

We got a lot of support this week from friends, family and new fans. Thanks for the all the new fans who took the time to LIKE us on facebook and for by sharing our posts with your friends.  We have received several donations for our upcoming CD.  We appreciate that and are thankful for all of you!

2015 Dates


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